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Showcase #1: Genuine Handmade Persian carpets from Qum, Tabriz and Nain

This Tabriz Persian carpet is one of many Persian carpets that we proudly offer alongside o clients around the world. If you like to see more example of fine Tabriz Persian carpets, visit by clicking on the picture below and look at all of the available Tabriz Persian carpets.
Handmade Persian carpets from Tabriz. Genuine Tabriz gombad Persian carpet.

Showcase #2: High Quality Tabriz carpets from 350-800 KPSI is one of main suppliers of high quality Tabriz Persian carpets to retailers as well as the general public and we are fortunate to partner with him to provide you with some of these remarkable Persian carpets. If you click on the picture of the Tabriz Persian carpet, you will see some of the finest Tabriz Persian carpets at very low prices.
Round, square and fine Tabriz Persian rug; Tabriz Persian carpets in all shapes and sizes

Showcase #3: Pictorial Persian Carpets & Rare carpets offers some of the most beautiful examples of pictorial Persian carpets as well as some of the rarest Persian carpets currently available on the market. Due to our extensive background and contacts with the Persian rug weavers, we work alongside in finding some of the very fine Persian carpets like this pure silk Qum Hunting rug. Feel free to click on the picture and you can see all of the currently available pictorial and other rare Persian carpets.
pictorial Persian Carpet from, Qom hunting persian carpet

Showcase #4: Hard to find Persian Carpets like Round, Square & Oval carpets has an extensive collection of not only hard to find Persian carpets, but also in shapes that are not common and in fact very rare at times. Whether you are looking for round, oval, square, twin or even Persian carpets with metal added, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Here for example is a genuine handmade round Persian rug from Qom and if you click on the picture below, you will see many more in the various galleries at
Oval & Round Persian carpets at

Showcase #5: Fine Nain Persian carpets from 500 to 800 KPSI features one of the finest collections of high quality Nain Persian carpets that feature 500 to 800 KPSI and are of at least a 6Lah quality. Here you see a classic example of a Nain Persian carpet and to see all of them, feel free to click on the picture below.
Genuine Nain carpets & Nain Persian carpets